Cells & Body Systems

This unit will be an examination of the systems that are essential to life for humans. Students will use microscopes to examine cells along with esearchingand modelling the tissue, organs, and organ systems that make up the living body.

At the end of the unit students will choose to build a system model or to complete a test and final assignment.

Measurement Mini-Unit

Combien de Temps
Pump Up the Volume
That is So Dense!
Test Review

Fluid Dynamics

Little Bits of Stuff Moving Around, Pt. 1
Getting Cube-ular
Little Bits...,Part 2
Diffusion...It's Molecular Confusion
Buoy, It's Sinking
May the Force Be With You
Sticking Together

Final Assignment

Cells & Body Systems

Cell Call
We're Going to the Onion
Getting Organ-ized
All Systems Go
Catch the Bug
Test Review
Final Assignment