99% -100% of the work in Science 8 is assigned with ample class time to complete. If students are diligent and make good use of their time they need not have homework in Science 8. Most students prefer not to have homework so they choose to get their work done during class time.

However, some students apparently enjoy homework in Science 8 and prefer to spend their class time engaged in other activities. For these students due dates do not change and they then have work that they will need to complete outside of class time either at school (because resources are only in my class) or at home. I always find this choice to be odd.

In Grade 8 Science students may, on their own time or at an agreed upon time with myself:

*Correct, repair, re-do, fix-up, renovate, rejuvenate any lab, assignment, experiment or project for a better mark.
*Re-write any test for a better mark.

*Extensions are granted only where warranted. Usually, though not exclusively, for reasons of extended absence.